Grade School

Start the journey to academic excellence in Pre-Kindergarten, Kinder, and Grade School! Pioneering the B-SMART Curriculum (Business Analytics, Science, Math and Arts) all integrated to the curriculum which molds young learners to respond responsibly to the needs of the world around them.


This is where the skills of the learners are honed and their competence is perfected. We have an esteemed line-up of teachers who engage students through applying various learning methodologies and mounting memorable school activities which make the Letran experience distinct.


Letran Bataan Senior High gears its students for further tertiary education and various national certifications. We give focus on competencies that are expected of a high school graduate who is ready for further studied or related jobs. A strong curriculum is delivered by a line-up of licensed, professional and certified teachers who challenge and inspire students to become the best versions of themselves as they thrive in future academic and real-life endeavours.


Experience education for real life. In Letran, you will be trained in professional environments to make you job-ready for your career in the industry. This is where learners are molded to become skilled professionals as they engage in impactful research and practical application.



Why Letran?

We are a school dedicated to the teaching of truth and the learning of life. We are committed to delivering quality education and positive student experiences in every aspect of campus life. Take your journey to academic excellence in an environment that is conducive to learning as lush landscapes and the beauty of nature envelope the location of the Letran Bataan campus.

Quality Services

Letran has a vision of being an oasis of professional development. And for that to happen, quality services must circulate around the campus. Sprining from 400 years of excellence, Letran is an insitution built for supremacy.

Advanced Facilities

To support the quality offered in Letran, students must be able to grasp that using advanced facilities that go hand-in-hand with the learning process. These facilities provide aid, comfort, and the confidence on both the teaching force and the studentry.

Dynamic Teaching Force

Teachers are the most important tools for excellence. They deliver the knowledge and wisdom to their students, and here in Letran, they do that in a better and more comprehensive perspective. Letran's Teaching force has a mission - to deliver quality education that they deserve and to mold them to withstand the vast challenges of the future.

Competitive Curriculum

The structure of quality education is determined on its backbone - the curriculum. In Letran, each of the programs' curricula are being studies every semester - to provide Letranites with an advanced and extensive learning structure fit to prepare them for a dynamic learning experience